The mission of is to show exactly what is taking place in our village, from the devastating flooding, erosion and government red tape, to the wonderful new native businesses that will fund our growth and allow us to move our 375 residents across the river and out of danger.

How will we fund this?

Rather than continuing to rely on meager government grants and inadequate government housing, we want to raise the money to move our village by doing it the American way: hard work, community and faith. We don’t want taxpayer money to fund all of our projects and stimulate what little economy we have. We want to build an economy that will last and continue to provide for our village for generations to come.

Where are we moving?

We will be moving to a new piece of land nine miles away, across the Ninglick River. This site, named Mertarvik, is solid ground that won’t melt from underneath us. We will have a barge landing and an airstrip that will give us the ability to bring supplies and food in via barge in the summer months and via plane in the winter months. No more winters without heating oil or adequate shelter!